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GelColor by OPI


GCH65 That's Hula-riousGCH66 My gecko does tricksGCH67 Do you take lei awayGCH68 Is mai-tai crookedGCH69 Go with the lava flowGCH70 Aloha from OPI

Van links naar rechts: That's Hula-rious (GCH65) - My Gecko does tricks (GCH66) - Do you take lei away? (GCH67) - Is mai tai crooked? (GCH68) - Go with the lava flow (GCH69) - Aloha from OPI (GCH70)

GCH71 Suzi shops and island hopsGCH72 Just Lanaing AroundGCH73 Hello Hawaii YaGCH74 This color is making wavesGCH75 Lost my bikini in molokiniGCH76 Pineapples have peelings too

Van links naar rechts: Suzi shops and island hops (GCH71) - Just lanai-ing around (GCH72) - Hello Hawaii-ya (GHC73) - This color is making waves (GCH74) - Lost my bikini in molokini (GCH75) - Pineapples have peelings too (GCH76)


GCA16 The Thrill of BrazilGCA45 Brisbane BronzeGCA59 Next Stop... The Bikini ZoneGCA61 Taupe-less BeachGCA62 I Sao Paulo over thereGCA63 OPI scores a goal

Van links naar rechts: The Thrill of Brazil (GCA16) - Brisbane Bronze (GCA45) - Next Stop... The bikini zone (GCA59) - Taupe-less beach (GCA61) - I Sao Paulo over there (GCA62) - OPI scores a goal! (GCA63)

GCA64 Amazon... AmazoffGCA65 I just can't Cope-acabana GCA66 Where did Suzi's Man-go?GCA67 Toucan do it if you tryGCA68 Kiss me I'm BrazilianGCA69 Live.Love. Carnaval.

Van links naar rechts: Amazon... Amazoff (GCA64) - I just can't cope-acabana (GCA65) - Where did Suzi's Man-go? (GCA66) - Toucan do it if you try (GCA67) - Kiss me I'm Brazilian (GCA68) Live.Love.Carnaval. (GCA69)

GCA70 Red hot RioGCB29 Do you Lilac it?GCB44 Gargantuan Green GrapeGCB46 Need Sunglasses?GCB56 Mod about youGCB59 My Private Jet

Van links naar rechts: Red Hot Rio (GCA70) - Do you lilac it? (GCB29) - Gargantian Green Grape (GCB44) - Need Sunglasses? (GCB46) - Mod about you (GCB56) - My Private Jet (GCB59)

GCB61 OPI inkGCB76 OPI on Collins Ave.GCB78 Miami BeetGCB83 No Room for the bluesGCB86 Shorts StoryGCB87 A Grape fit

Van links naar rechts: OPI Ink (GCB61) - OPI on collins avenue (GCB76) - Miami Beet (GCB78) - No room for the blues (GCB83) - Shorts Story (GCB86) - A grape fit (GCb87) 

GCC09 Pompeii PurpleGCE44 Pink FlamencoGCE48 Here Today Aragon TomorrowGCE71 Polka.comGCE72 OPI... Eurso EuroGCE74 You're such a Budapest

Van links naar rechts: Pompeii Purple (GCC09) - Pink Flamenco (GCE44) - Here today... Aragan Tomorrow (GCE48) - (GCE71) - OPI... Eurso Euro (GCE72) - You're such a Budeapest (GCE74) 

GCE75 Can't find my CzechbookGCE78 Oy-another polish jokeGCE82 My vampire is buffGCF13 Louvre me Louvre me notGCF15 You d'ont know JacquesGCF17 Bastille my heart

Van links naar rechts: Can't find my czechbook (GCE75) - Oy-another polish joke! (GCE78) - My Vampire is Buff (GCE82) - Louvre me Louvre me not (GCF13) - You don't know Jacques (GCF15) - Bastille my heart (GCF17)

GCF52 Bogota BlackberryGCF53 A piers to be tanGCF54 Dining al friscoGCF56 Peace & Love & OPIGCF57 Keeping Suzi at bayGCF60 I knead sour-dough

Van links naar rechts: Bogota Blackberry (GCF52) - A-piers to ben tan (GCF53) - Dining al frisco (GCF54) - Peace & Love & OPI (GCF56) - Keeping Suzi at Bay (GCF57) - I knead Sour-dough (GCF60)

GCF61  Muir Muir on the WallGCG15 Deutsch you want me baby?GCG18 Every month is oktoberfestGCG21 Nein nein nein! OK Fine!GCG22 Schnapps out of itGCG23 Suzi & the 7 Dusseldorfs

Van links naar rechts: Muir Muir on the wall (GCF61) - Deutsch you want me baby? (GCG15) - Every Month is Oktoberfest (GCG18) - Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine! (GCG21) - Schnapps out of it (GCG22) - Suzi & the 7 Dusseldorfs (GCG23) 

GCG24 Unfor-greta-bly BlueGCH02 Chick Flick CherryGCH08 I'm not really a waitressGCMH19 PassionGCH22 Funny BunnyGCH46 Suzi says Feng shui

Van links naar rechts: Unfor_greta-bly Blue (GCG24) - Chick Flick Cherry (GCH02) - Passion (GCH19) - Funny Bunny (GCH22) - Suzi says Feng shui (GCH46) 

GCH47 A good mandarin is hard to findGCH54 Did you 'ear about van goghGCH58 I have a herring problemGCH60 Pedal Faster SuziGCH62 Thanks a windmillionGCH63 Vampsterdam

Van links naar rechts: A good man-darin is hard to fin (GCH47) - Did you 'ear about Van Gogh (GCH54) - A have a herring problem (GCH58) - Pedal Faster Suzi (GCH60) - Thanks a windmillion (GCH62) - Vampsterdam (GCH63)

GCH64 Wooden Shoe like to knowGCI43 Black Cherry ChutneyGCL60 Dutch TulipsGCL64 Cajun ShrimpGCTL00 Alpine SnowGCL03 Kyoto Pearl

Van links naar rechts: Wooden Shoe like to know (GCH64) - Black cherry chutney (GCI43) - Dutch Tulips (GCL60) - Cajun Shrimp (GCL64) - Alpine Snow (GCL00) - Kyoto Pearl (GCL03)

GCL72 OPI RedGCL87 Malaga WineGCM21 My Chihuahua BitesGCM23 Strawberry MargaritaGCM27 Cozu-Melted in the sunGCN25 Big Apple Red

Van links naar rechts: OPI Red (GCL72) - Malaga Wine (GCL87) - My Chihuahua Bites! (GCM21) - Strawberry Margarita (GCM23) - Cozu-melted in the sun (GCM27) - Big Apple Red (GCN25)

GCN39 Going my way or NorwayGCN40 Icebergers and friesGCN41 OPI with a Nice finishGCN42 My voice is a little norseGCN43 Can't afjord not toGCN44 How great is your dane?

Van links naar rechts: Going my way or Norway? (GCN39) - Ice-Bergers & Fries (GCN40) - OPI with a nice Finn-ish (GCN41) - My voice is a little Norse (GCN42) - Can't Afjörd not to (GCN43) - How great is your Dane (GCN44)

GCN45 My dogsled is a hybridGCN46 Suzi has a swede toothGCN47 Do you have this color in Stock-holm?GCN48 Thank glogg it's fridayGCN49 Viking a vinter vonderlandGCN50 Skating on thin ice-land

Van links naar rechts: My dogsled is a hybrid (GCN45) - Suzi has a Swede Tooth (GCN46) - Do you have this color in Stock-holm (GCN47) - Thank glogg it's Friday! (GCN48) - Viking in a Vinter Vonderland (GCN49) Skating on thin Ice-land (GCN50)

GCP61 Samoan SandGCR44 Princesses Rule!GCR54 Russian NavyGCR58 Cosmo not tonight honey!GCS72 Romeo & JolietGCS86 Bubble Bath

Van links naar rechts: Samoan Sand (GCP61) - Princesses rule! (GCR44) - Russian Navy (GCR54) - Cosmo-not tonight honey! (GCR58) - Rome & Joliet (GCS72) - Bubble Bath (GCS86)

GCT02 Lady in BlackGCT23 Are we there yet?GCT25 Color to diner forGCT28 Honk if you love OPIGCT30 I eat mainely lobsterGCT31 My Address is Hollywood

Van links naar rechts: Lady in black (GCT02) - Are we there yet? (GCT23) - Color to diner for (GCT25) - Honk if you lover OPI (GCT28) - I eat mainely lobster (GCT30) - My address is Hollywood (GCT31) 

GCT32 Road house bluesGCW42 Lincoln park after darkGCW52 Got the blues for redGCZ13 Color so hot it bernsGCZ20 Yodel me on my cell

Van links naar rechts: Road House Blues (GCT32) - Lincoln Park after dark (GCW42) - Got the blues for red (GW52) - Color so hot it berns (GCZ13) - Yodel my on my cell (GCZ20)

GC101 Can't find my CzechbookGC102 Do you Lilac it?GC103 Gargantuan Green GrapeGC104 Need Sunglasses?GC105 Mod about you

Van links naar rechts - Pastels: Can't find my Czechbook (GC101) - Do you lilac it? (GC102) - Gargantuan Green Grape (GC103) - Need Sunglasses (GC104) - Mod about you (GC106)